meeting the mayor

On April 29 the mayor made numerous speeches on topics like, improving school, Jacksonville the community and young entrepreneurs. I was excited about his speech on young entrepreneurs. he also describe entrepreneurism drive in college; attending Jacksonville University, working in Winnie Dixie and finding ways to network. After hearing the mayor it allowed me to think about networking by joining clubs and talking to people in my field psychology.


Overall, I really like his enthusiasm and caring spirit. Also he seems to really care about his town Jacksonville. By hanging around different events and express his point of view on things that might or is good for this town.  Also on April 1, he came to my church Joint Heirs. He talked about society view on domestic  roles in Family.

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Miss Universe Canada Disqualifies Transsexual Contestant: She was Born a Boy

In a recent article post in yahoo  talked about a transgender name Jenna Talackova was disqualified in a beauty pageant because she was born as a male.

“Miss Universe Canada officials have banned 23-year-old transsexual Jenna”

Talackova from participating in the pageant finals to be held in Toronto in May, 2012. The Vancouver contestant was one of sixty-five women chosen to compete in the national contest (which is owned by Donald Trump). The Daily Mail Reports that Denis Davila, national director of Miss Universe Canada, asserts that every contestant must be a “naturally born female.” Critics of the decision claim that the rules do not specifically address sex change or plastic surgery. (yahoo article)

At the end of the article it state that “Do you think Jenna Talackova should be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant? Let us know in the comments below.”

While I feel that she should be allow to run due to fact it never stated on transgender.  Recently I read some articles about the life of transgender it arise my awareness of their lifestyle.  Early age Tran-children feel like becoming the opposite sexes, the youngest Tran-children was three.  So disqualified her for beliefs is a human discrimination.  So even though we do not believe in this type of lifestyle does not mean have to prejudice of it. Because one time just being a female wanting a job or even just being a free black was wrong and look down upon.

Also I am glad that she is not given up even on her belief and she can make a change for all transgender like.

“Talackova, whose twitter account has since been locked, tweeted, “I’m disqualified, and however I’m not “giving up. I’m not going to just let them disqualify me over discrimination.

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Edward Waters College challenges

On this article about Edward Waters College trying to improve its campus by adding new building and programs which  will help its student populate to increase from being in 750 to its 1000 in 2015. Also the article was talking about Ashley Hamn environment project. This is an effort that involves rounding up blood samples from 200 people in the blocks around Edward Waters.

I think the Edward Waters College Challenge Project is a good way for are school to become better and I am glad that Edward Water College is trying to better itself  with fixing its programs by adding new building facility.  Also I feel Ashley Hamn project is great way to improve African American health by awaking the health issue that targets blacks.

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Educational Techonlogy 250

This  post is a requirement for Michelle McNealy

for an successfully examinationfor mid term





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Hello world!

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